Exposed: Online Flex Job – A No-Nonsense Review

Many people are enticed about the prospects of working online and making some money on the side. While some platforms offer genuine services, some are there to defraud innocent visitors.

Today, we look at Online Flex Job. How does it work? Is it a scam?

Name: Online Flex Job


Type: Online Job Portal

Price: $25 – 40

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What is Online Flex Job?

Online Flex Job is an online platform that claims to provide jobs for its visitors on a schedule that suits their daily activities. From what the management at its website says, the platform has contacts with very many reputable companies. From the platform, you can get your dream job and start working as soon as you can.

However, there are no much details as to what the website does apart from being a “processor job”. It focuses on promising the user that he/she can make over $850 a week.

While this may appear to be a great deal on paper, there is more to it than it meets the eye. Assuming you are interested in their job application and click on the job application link, what you will get is not a job application form but rather a questionnaire that almost looks like an email opt-in.

After providing the needed information, you will receive a short video giving you a procedure on how to install an anti-virus on your computer because as it stands, you are about to start receiving meaningful information. However, following the steps, you will notice that you have to buy the antivirus.

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Is Online Flex Job A Scam?

Looking at the proofs below, it is evident that Online Flex Job is a scam. Using the platform will only cause you more frustration and anger than you already have.

The Scam Signs

In order to curb unsuspecting users, Online Flex Job uses some underhand methods. Here are some of the fishy affairs that take play on this platform:

The Anti-Virus

Before getting a job, the website asks you to download and install an anti-virus that they provide. This is odd considering that you were promised a well-paying job in the beginning. Also, a company of this magnitude should be able to provide everything including antivirus for their new members if at all they are truthful.

The truth is Online Flex Job is trying to sell the antivirus to people and make money using underhand methods.

Processor Jobs Do Not Pay

At no one time will you find a paying “processor job.” If anything, websites offering these services will try to trick you by telling you that they are trying to get the money lying dormant in various bank accounts to their real owners. This is not only against the law but also does not work.

The Testimonies Given are not Real

After getting your application form, you will notice that there are some testimonies for you to watch. Looking at them keenly, you will notice that they are fake since they are all from the official Online Flex Job channel on YouTube. Why are these testimonies not in the owners’ channels?

Can You Make Money?

Yes, you can make money online but not through such ventures. Many people have made a fortune out of working online and you can as well. All you need to do is find the right website and adhere to their requirements. Be smart about it. If you need help check out the Training That I recommend for Newbies.


Online Flex Job is a scam! Looking at the way it operates, there is no doubt that it is out to defraud unsuspecting users. You should not pay for an antivirus while looking for a job. If anything, very few websites can afford to pay over $850 dollars a week just for “processing”. Online jobs pay. However, be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers.

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